Reverting to Visiontek GeForce card

By dheit
Aug 25, 2003
  1. I have an ATI 3d Rage card built into my motherboard. I have purchased a Visiontek GEForce 4 MX420 card and installed same. At the time I first did that somebody had given me the sequence of events to disable the on-board card and enable the add-in card.

    Yesterday, somebody moving the computer accidently plugged the monitor into the on-board device rather than the GeForce card. Now I get no display ... completely black. The only way I can get anything is to plug into the add-in GeForce card, but the screen goes black after system post. I can F8 at that screen, though, and go into Safe Mode.

    How do I get the system to revert back to the way it was; i.e., ignore the on-board card and look at the add-in? I guess plugging it into the on-board card caused it to disable the other?

    What a mess!

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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