Revisiting the GeForce GTX 1070 in 2021: The Little Old GPU That Could


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Wow, the GTX 1070 used to be as fast or faster than a Vega 56 and now is barely faster than an RX 580 in the new games used here (Moving the old games aside like Shadow of the Tomb Raider), it aged bad but not as bad as Kepler or Maxwell.


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My EVGA 1070 is still working fine and takes everything I throw at it

At 1080p? :joy:

If you are satisfied, then why update.

I can tell you that my OC'd 1080 Ti felt slow as **** and the upgrade to 3080 was night and day at 1440p/165Hz. So a 1070 would probably make me pull my hair out. Yeah, we all have different needs.
This is more of a: "should you upgrade from a GTX 1070"?
Honestly, this whole "Covid-19" shortage though me (and many others around me) to appreciate the hardwaree I have, ane manage video settings in games. And trust me when I tell you, going from an RTX 2070 to GTX 1070 and then to GTX 1050 Ti (long story), I had no less fun in games. For the first 30 minutes you notices lower quality settings and then you forget about it. Plus when the time comes you will notice an upgrade from the aforementioned GPU, rather than forcing an upgrade for those 50-70% more fps. If you double or triple your framerates, that is an upgrade. Chill and play games for fun and not for the looks.
If you play single player games and dont mind low FPS of 60 or less I totally agree. The problem becomes very real when you go online in a fast paced shooter where you will quickly find yourself at a disadvantage.