Ridiculously slow Linksys + Netopia....

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Jan 22, 2007
  1. Hi,

    I've got a Netopia Cayman modem and a Linksys WRK54g, and when connecting wirelessly to the Netopia, there's no problem whatsoever with speed.

    However, I plumbed some cat5e from the office into the house, in an effort to have the Linksys inside and broadcast to the house. Now - I made the cable and plugged it in to test before connecting the router, only for it to take AGES to get an IP, then tell me the connection is limited with no connectivity.

    I then plugged the cable into the WAN port of the Linksys, and lo, it got an IP grand and Skype signed in, I could check my email, but all is ridiculously slow. I tried disabling the DHCP server on the Linksys, in an effort for it to query the Netopia...same subnet etc, but no luck.
    Tried disabling the Netopia's wireless...nada difference


  2. mikescorpio81

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    Try using the Linksys as a WAP only, so give it an Ip address within the Netopia's subnet, disable DHCP and connect it to the LAN port of the Netopia. DHCP must be enabled on the Netopia. The Linksys should forward conected traffic onto the Netopia.

    Check your cable too ... you made it did you? That might be the problem! :grinthumb
  3. jobeard

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    how long is the cable? the spec allows 100meters (300 feet) between 'transceivers' eg; router, switch or hub.
  4. Psychobiker

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    cable + - 20m. I think I wired the ends wrong mind
  5. Psychobiker

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    Right :

    I thought about it and went at it the next morning - to connect two routers :
    1. Make a CROSSOVER!!!!! cable. This is a must
    2. Plug it into the main router
    3. Disable the DHCP on the second router and set the IP of it somewhere in the first router's IP range, naming the first router as default gateway.
    4. Plug the CROSSOVER cable into any of the second router's LAN ports...NOT the WAN/Internet port
    5. Fire them both up, it'll query the main router for DHCP and bang, done.

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