Rise of Civilizations Mobile Game

Friends, I play this game 1+month, its very good strategy, best one I think, better then clash of clans trust me, my alliance is destroyed 2 times, im left on 20 rlly active members, I need more very active players to be part of our family, if someone wanna play this game, trust me its very good gameplay and everything, its fun. Iam on #10 server there, if game put you in other server go on settings/character menager/and create new one on #10 server if u wanna help me to destroy everyone who hate my alliance. Name of alliance: PeaceOfMind, Tag: PoM
If u need help about anything, contact me in game, u can search governor when u click on avatar, my nickname is: sickeyEZ
I rlly need help there, we have discord server, if u gonna join family, contact me, I will give u invite code for discord!