Roblox surges past 150 million monthly active users

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Bottom line: Online platforms that curb boredom or fill a need, like gaming services or video conferencing apps, are likely only going to experience further growth as the Covid-19 pandemic stretches on with no end in sight.

Online gaming platform Roblox now enjoys more than 150 million monthly active users, the company revealed during its recent developer conference. The event, like most others in this uncertain time, was hosted digitally online.

Roblox is one of several companies that have benefited from the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Back in February, Roblox was celebrating that it had reached 115 million monthly active users. Adding 35 million monthly active users in just five months is impressive no matter how you slice it.

Gamers aren’t the only ones benefiting from Roblox’s success. Developers on the platform are on pace to collectively earn $250 million through the sale of in-game products and from time spent in their games by premium subscribers. In comparison, devs earned just $110 million from their work in 2019.

The figure could be far higher, too, as only a small percentage of developers – around 345,000 out of over two million creators – have monetized their games thus far.

Roblox is free to download now on Android and iOS as well as Windows, macOS and on Xbox One.

Image credit: Vladimka production, Sharaf Maksumov

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My little son is "constantly" playing it on his iPad. I can't really understand it, but that's most probably an age issue