Roll Back Bios (after HP Flashed to newer version without asking me) Ticked @ HP

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Sep 13, 2007
  1. Hi. Is there anyone that knows how to roll back the Bios? I have an HP Pavilion dv9500 laptop I sent in to HP to have the HD re-imaged. I believe that they flashed the bios on me because the version that I have now is newer than when I purchased the computer.

    Is it possible to rollback the bios? I am having problems with Help and Support displaying the correct information since I got my laptop back. HP stated that they repaired and upgraded the laptop. I just want it back to the way it was. I just purchased this is July, and the bios version is for August 28th (according to their website).

    If anyone can help me I would sincerely appreciate it. I do not want to cause damage, so I would like some instruction.

    Thanks for anyone that can help me out.
  2. AlbertLionheart

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    The only recommendation I can make is that you take it back to HP. If it doesn't work properly you have a right to get them to fix it. For free!
  3. mailpup

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    Even though they evidently updated the BIOS, are you sure it is the BIOS causing the problem? What is the problem anyway?

    That said, you might be able to find an older BIOS on the HP website. If so, you can download it and flash the BIOS. You might need a floppy drive for this. Does your laptop manual outline the procedure for flashing the BIOS? Be aware that if done improperly, or if you have a power fluctuation during the flashing or if the wrong BIOS is used, you run the risk of permanently damaging the laptop. Flashing the BIOS carries some risk and is why you should be sure that the BIOS is causing the problem.

    Albert's suggestion has merit.
  4. Tedster

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    yep - read the updating bios guide in the guides forum.
  5. naturalstyles

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    Ok, thanks for the advice. My Help and support center is reporting incorrect information since receiving the computer back form HP. It used to list 2 processors (now one is listed), the mice installed, and also the dedicated video memory....should be 256 mb now lists 128 mb and no shared system memory. Everything was reported fine before I sent the laptop to have the hard drive re-imaged and partitioned. That was the only thing HP was supposed to do. This is the second laptop that I have had where they flashed the bios because they felt like it. The first one had to be replaced because nothing seemes to work correctly since. I do not want to go that route again. I would like it back to the way it was when I purchased it in July. I have no idea why HP seems to think that they need to mess with things that were not broken and were functioning properly.

    I have updated the help and support and also active library, and still the information is not reporting properly. So I am pretty sure it is not the fault of the software.

    Sorry about sounding upset, but HP is making my life Hell by doing whatever they please when it was sent in for service.

    By the way, HP did email me with a link for an earlier BIOS version from their website for my computer. it is dated 7/8/07 I believe and my computer was built around the week of July 16th. The earliest bios version is for 6/1/07 on the website, but I don't think that was the one I had. I did not print out the version because I had never intended to update my bios....I figured, they are working great, why mess with it.
  6. nickc

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    the 7/8/07 BIOS would be the one that came with the computer when HP shipped it, and I am not saying that putting back will fix anything.
  7. system7

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    I wouldn't worry about a bios update too much. They don't change anything for the worse.

    Go into device manager and right click on the detailed Computer and Display adapter items. Scan for hardware changes.

    You should arrive at Core 2 Duo ACPI Multiprocessor PC and 256MB Nforce 8600 graphics by the sound of it. I'm hoping Windows will sort it out.

    Sounds like they have imaged a single core processor setup with 128MB 8400 graphics.

    Regardless, HP must sort out the right software for you.
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