Round 2 ... pc still freezes, not as often...

By Baraka
Dec 27, 2007

    i posted another reply there but got no reply or responce...
    ROUND 2........point form

    *it froze again, i have replaced the psu and it helped alot, but hasnt cleared the problem.

    speedfan read as follows when it froze:


    CORE: 49C
    TEMP1: 40C
    CPU: 44C
    NORTH: 42C
    SOUTH: 32C
    HD0: 41C
    HD1: 39C
    HD2: 47C
    HD3: 41C

    any suggestions to stop the freezes, even case mods ppl have done to help reduce heat would be appreciated, i dont mind 'modifying' my case as long as it is an improvement

    *Ambeint temp was around 28c inside and i was playing an online game at the time.
    *I havent done the memtest as yet...
    *i can feel most of the heat sinks and they are not too hot too touch, the ram is not hot either but the HD's may need attention due to the temps...but i may have to cut the side case cover to allow more airflow for this.

    *since replacing the psu and the vid cards, the temps have come down but the hd's have increased a little. The average was about 35-40c, now its 39-43c

    *my cpu cooler is still on order...been a while now...any suggestions on a better cooler than a zalman 9500/9700 series to suit my board -a8n-sli-premium -amd 939 socket which sits on its side inside my tower, post a link...
    pls keep in mind 7 fans run inside not including my vid cards, i can reduce or keep these...
  2. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    What happens when you run your system with the case open?

    With those fan speeds, your system must be loud as crap. The temps are not that bad
  3. Baraka

    Baraka TS Rookie Topic Starter

    its actually very quiet, i just hear a low humm really when i have it running gets loud when i switch on the 3 small fans under the dvd players tho...but their via a switch so if i get sick of the noise or system temps cool down enough...i just flick the switch obviously.

    when i have the side cover off...its a little better on the hard drives but thats about it, the fan i installed to blow onto the stock fan/cpu block does the job. I did have it as another exhaust fan but it didnt make a difference so i flipped it.

    just to add to reset itself the other night when i had the game on...issues seem to be when i have the games on.

    any help or advise would be great

    have a good one...
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