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Jan 21, 2008
  1. Hope your patient because this is not my is what I know...
    A buddy and I play Links 2003 with a direct connection--I connect to his IP or vice-versa. Whomever hosts the game always has to disconnect his router and our wives are getting pissed off because they can't get online HELP! Looking for help configuring my router so that his machine can connect to me without me having to disconnect the router everytime.
    Win XP
    D Link DI634M router
    Win Firewall off
    Comcast Cable
    Norton says I've created exceptions for this program to run

    I attained the ports from Microsoft which are:
    Connection Ports for Client Configuration Ports for Host Configuration
    Initial UDP Connection 6073 Outbound for Joining 6073 Inbound for Hosting
    Later UDP Inbound 2302-2400 2302-2400
    Later UDP Outbound 2302-2400 2302-2400

    I went into my router and entered these ports in the "Port Forwarding" section as well as the "Applications" section. I entered the IP address that my router says is me ( and this is also the IP address that shows up in the game when I try to host. When my buddy tries to connect to that IP address--we never can.

    I'm a network illiterate but would appreciate ANY help ---not sure what other info to include but I'd be happy to add if someone needs more! Thanks for any help you can give.
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    Have you setup a static IP yet? You'll need that for port forwarding on your router. Use this guide to setup a static IP.
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    Ok, I've just completed the steps for the static IP address, do I have to go back into my router setup and chamge the IP address it asks for on the port forwarding page to the static ip address? I'm not sure what IP to put here...however, when I launch the game it does show my "real" IP address, the one that i would find if i went to a website as suggested by Kimsland. This must be progress as I used to get one that I believe was generated by my router because it always had a zero in it. Any other suggestions?
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    Yes you should change the IP address for the Port Forward to your current static IP address. Then try forwarding the ports again and see if it has any effect.
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