Router And Switch Setup Help!!

By mooserny
Apr 18, 2007
  1. OK I just got a 5 port D-Link switch DGS-2205. Now How do I get the router hooked up to the switch? Router is LinkSys WRK54G. Back of switch has ports labeled 1-5. Where do I hook cables?

  2. raybay

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    This may sound like too much work, but at you can download or print the entire manual for this setup. It is about 110 pages...
    Their online support tells you more than you want to know. If you can stand the time it takes, you will be a lot smarter user after you follow their examples.
    Also, they have downloads for a Quick Setup, and a Full setup... and very often DLink has significant recent updates released since the DLink was put on the market.
    Regarding your question, it has a lot to do with whether you are just communicating between one and four computers, or whether you are connecting to an Internet Connetion such as a DSL modem or Cable modem.
    In those cases, your modem has one RG45 port. You plug one end of a CAT5 or CAT6 Network or ethernet cable into this modem. The other end goes into a WAN port on the DLink. That switch then distributes the signal through its four ports (and often a wireless antenna) to the other devices you want connected.
    You use the install disc that came with the DLink, or you can download the software from the DLink site.
    Usually, the switch is not enough by itself. It is used to distribute and communicate the signal. It needs a router or cable or DSL modem to be complete. The router does the basic job and does not need the switch unless you are attempting to communicate with a variety of devices, and your router does not have enough ports.
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    Just connect an ethernet cable from any of the switch ports to any of the router's LAN ports. Home routers should be able to do MDI/MDI-X detection, so it makes no difference what kind of a cable or which port you use.
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