Router help Needed (with speedtouch usb modem)

By mrchu
Dec 7, 2004
  1. I have


    It would be great if I could connect my router to my internet connection and bypass having to dial in using a pc (each time I restart, the net connection for the other 3 computers goes down). Problem is, the modem plugs into the phone line, with a standard uk phone line connector (not an RJ45 ethernet connection), so it can't be plugged directly into the router...are there any ideas, or alternative hardware I can use?

  2. mrchu

    mrchu TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 42

    no matter, figured it
  3. tonykuan

    tonykuan TS Rookie

    hi - how do you resolve it? I've the same problem with my usb modem and bought a wireless router - how do i connect the usb modem to the router which don't have a usb port, only ethernet. thanks.
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