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By Seano151
Feb 15, 2007
  1. Ok so this may be a dumb question and I apologize if it is but I'm not too handy with these things. In my house at school we have a router installed by Comcast to split internet for our upstairs rooms. In my room I needed to split my internet between my laptop and 360 so I bought a router. But now I'm not apart of our original network so my friends and I can't share our files between us. Is there a way to disable the firewall or unsplit the signal so I can get back on the network; I guess essentially turn it into a hub? Thanks
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    Are you referring to some sort of college housing?

    If so, I assume they have their own network. But for whatever reason, it sounds like you have your own cable Internet installed and are using that instead. Let me know if this is correct or not.
    A router shares a single network source among different computers. Any computer that is plugged into this router and is automatically configured (should be, by default) should have no problems communicating with each other.

    This could be the problem. You should not have two routers to share a single Internet connection. You need to take the router connecting you laptop and 360 back and get yourself a switch or hub instead. Switch is preferred.

    You can make your router work as a switch/hub, most likely, but there's no reason to have a router and there's no reason to pay the extra money or spend the extra effort in trying to get to work as one.

    Yes, if you insist on getting it working, you can (hopefully) disable the firewall, disable the routing features and disable DHCP (automatic address assigning/server). Every router is different, so you'll need to consult your manual, but the basic idea is to access your router configuration page. (You'll usually find this as (Netgear, D-link), (Linksys), (Belkin, Microsoft).

    What you'll do is type that number into your Internet browser (Internet explorer, for example) and press Enter. It will bring up a prompt for a user name and password. Again, consult your manual for the default user name and password, but it is probably 'admin' for the login and 'admin' for the password, [blank] for the login and 'admin' for the password or 'admin' for the login and 'pass' or 'password' for the password.... It could also just be blank for both and the list goes on. :)

    Once you get into the configuration page, you can change your options. Disable the firewall, disable DHCP server and disable any 'router' options. Some routers have an option that actually says, "Use as access point" or "Disable routing' etc... These options should be what you are looking for.

    After playing with it, something goes wrong and you can no longer access the configuration page, then there's a 'hard reset' button on the router. It will sometimes be in the back or bottom and sometimes require a paperclip or pen to depress. Sometimes you need to hold this button down for a few seconds, othertimes it is instant... other times you have to hold it down while plugging the router in and other times you have to press it 2 or 3 times to get it to reset..... Your manual will have more details.

    Just preparing you. :)
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    Take the original cable out of the new router WAN side and plug it into the LAN
    side. Your two systems plug in next to it.

    ALL systems will be configured from the ORIGINAL router.

    If your first system was sharing correctly, then DOCUMENT the WORKGROUP name
    and add that to the new system. ENABLE file/print sharing on the new system
    and you should be online :)
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