router or hub?

By jscs1974
Oct 23, 2006
  1. My tech guy says use a hub,but I always get message that says IP addresses are conflicting with each other.He also says he can detect if I use router,I disagree.I,ve used wireless routers in the past with no problem.Now I,m trying to use wired router and I cannot get it to work.Any help would save my day.My tech also tells me I cannot use router because it just wont work.I also disagree.Please help!!!
  2. N3051M

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    i'm not sure why the router won't work.. its nearly the same as a hub, but got some brains to it and can handle DHCP and other networking functions to it.. ask him to explain why.....

    IP address conflicts is if your PC and PC2 or a network device has both the same address eg: (PC1) (PC2). For any sort of network, the first three sets of numbers must be the same (like an area code/house address in a city) and the last no. different to show that there are individual machines (like a street no. for a house).
    Maybe try setting it manualy in the network properties to something like Router/Internet gateway/PC1 PC 2 PC 3 etc.

    check cables are ok and do a ping test..

    Have a read of this
    Its aimed mostly at fixing/diagnosing a troubled internet connection, but the principles behind it in terms of networking are similar if not same (ie. internet is about connecting your PC to another PC somewhere else. small networks are connecting PC 1 to PC 2 etc... you get the point..)
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    yes use a router -- it provides NAT and SPI protection.

    yes, the ISP can tell you have a router but that means they will not support you
    in getting it configured -- which we will :)

    you will likely need the MAC address of your computer NIC card that did work upon installation of the service -- this is how they know -- the router has a different MAC.

    read your router manual or PDF file

    you will confg the router with your browser by accessing it via a special IP address

    enable DHCP
    change the default admin password
    add your system's MAC address as a mascarade value
    save and restart the router

    you should be able to do all of these from any system attached to the router
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    I wouldn't trust him! :D
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