Router overheating?

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Nov 24, 2006
  1. I have two pc's that use a lynksys wired router. I've had it for about a year or so and never had any trouble with it. Lately however I've experienced some trouble getting a connection on either pc.
    So I take a look and the router connection lights aren't lit but the router's diagnostic light is on. I go to reset it and it feels pretty hot. Not enough to cook grilled cheese sandwiches on but hot.
    So I take the router out and connect my one pc directly to the modem and have no troubles.
    Is it possible that the router just went bad? I never mess with it and didn't make any recent changes to my setup. I'd just like to know before I go spending cash on a new one.
  2. nickslick74

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    Sure, they can wear out. They are on all of the time after all! You could try putting it in a better, more ventilated area. But at this point I think the damage is done. Today is probably a good day to go get a new one with all of the sales.
  3. Rick

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    If you can't grill a cheese sandwich on it, its most assuredly not a heat problem. There are many other things that can cause this behavior though.

    Did you do the 'hard reset' using the tiny little button in the back? If it doesn't recover that from that, then there's a good chance your router is a brick.

    But do keep an open mind - There's the possibility that you have DSL, it quit working, the hard reset fixed it, the reset also deleted your login information and you have to enter your PPPOE login manually before you can get back online.... This is just an example of a single possibility that may make your router appear like it is not working, but it really is.

    If you wish to investigate, a good place to start is posting an ipconfig /all here from each of your computers. Of course, if you wish to call it quits and buy a new router, then by all means... :) So connect everything like you normally would and turn the router off & on. Wait about a minute and do the following....

    Click Start > Run > cmd.exe . Next type ipconfig /all in the command window that appears and press enter. To copy the results, right click on the cmd window title bar and click 'Edit' from the menu. Click 'Select All' and then right click anywhere on the highlighted text in the window. Right click here and paste the info in so we can see it.
  4. unforgiven1977

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    Thanks for the responses.
    I forgot to mention that I can hook the router back up and plug it in and everything will work fine for about 5 minutes. Then I get the same thing as before along with the hot to the touch thing.
  5. tipstir

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    You can add AC 80mm FAN to the top where the tiny holes are. But if you're good with your hands you can make a it work. They do get very hot and some don't get as hot though.
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