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Oct 18, 2004
  1. hi im new to these forums ^^ and just to let you know i am some what of a newbie when it comes to hardware n such....

    but ne ways to my problem

    my room mate bought a computer yesterday and he had an old router which he insists still works...its a Netgear EN 104 tp. what happens when we try to hook up the computers to it is this....the 1st computer hooked into the router recieves a connection but the 2nd computer plugged in doesnt. individually the router works for both computers just not at the same time =/ this router does not require any software which makes me think there is some sort of setting that needs to be changed on the computers to recognize the connection. i do not know anything about networking and dont even know if networking has anything to do with my problem. pls bear with my ignorence. any help you can provide will be most appreciated.

    p.s. no my room mate doesnt have the owners manual for the router ne more =/

    thanx alot for your time.
  2. jstillion

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  3. blind

    blind TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yeah i had alrdy looked into that, i didnt find anything in the guide that helped me out at all. seems to me everything is hooked up correctly but for some reason the 2nd computer isnt gettin a connection. maybe ill just have to shell out some $$ to buy a new router...ugh i hope not though.

    thanx though J

    not a router you say? whats the difference between a hub/switch and a router? my roomate says he had 3 computers all hooked into this this and all were getting connections. but that was about a year n a half ago and he doesnt remember how he did it.
  4. jstillion

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    You can use it but you will in a nut shell set one computer up to the internet and have to have a 2nd nic card in it (I think) and hook the rest of the computers to it and configure them?

    I do apolgize for not being able to tell you clearly / in detail, I have limited experinece with netwoking in general.

    I did find this article about hub's switches and routers
  5. jstillion

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    If you'r thinking of hooking high speed up to a device then hooking the pc to protect / share the connection you proable want a router. I would go with Linksys brand routers.
  6. blind

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    yeah i think im starting to understand why it isnt working. and now that you mention it....when my room mate used this is think they were all using a dial up and not broadband.....ugh time to go spend money on a router me thinks. thanx for your help man, much appreciated.
  7. jbrown456

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    I would Go with a Linksys Router 2, i have a d-link (DI-514) and it took Forever to get working properly (still isn't). I have seen netgears work well 2.
    Good Luck.
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