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By sicarius
Jun 7, 2002
  1. I apologize I seem to have gotten this post in the wrong forum. I was in other hardware when I created it. I emailed and asked Per if he would move it for me.

    I did a search for what I was looking for and this is as close as I could find.

    I know about networking but my question is have any of you found a way to have two machines connect to the internet to the same gaming server. Since we are showing the routers IP and not the DHCP IP the router has assigned a server sees two stations coming off the router as having the same IP which will not work. I have done a lot of searching the net but most of what I find are people trying ot host a server not just join one to play. What I would like to do is have two people on the same server at the same time off of my network. Q3 seems to once have allowed this but not any longer since there newest point release.

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    this is the Half-Life Proxy software that we use in the Office to play thru a single proxy... no routers involved here tho' maybe worth a look.HL Proxy
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