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By John Griffith ยท 4 replies
Jan 14, 2004
  1. I just installed Roxio 6, replacing an older version of Roxio. I had no problem burning music CDs with the older version, but now after I burn a music CD, I play it in a regular CD player and hear "ticks" on every track. The ticks are about 5 per second, and destroy the listening pleasure of the CD. There are no error messages while using the program, and I get the message that the CD has been created successfully. I have tried installing the latest upgrades ( V but still the ticks persist. I hve tried burning CDs using two different CD/RW drives. Same problem. The music plays in MP3 form on the computer just fine, with no ticks. Any suggestions, anyone?
  2. young&wild

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    Ticks as in jitters? Have you tried burning your CD at a slow speed ie 2x, 4x.? I burn all my audio cds at 2x.
  3. John Griffith

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    This is the same setup that I have used for months in the past to burn CDs using the old version of Roxiio. I don't believe the fault lies with the CD/RW drives. It has to be something related to the newer version of Roxio 6. Thanks for the input.
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  5. John Griffith

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    After some more investigation, I found that the MP3 files play just fine in an MP3 player, so I have concluded that the conversion that takes place within the Roxio EZ CD Creator program, which converts the MP3 files to WAV files seems to be the culprit. However, I am still at a loss to explain why this new version 6 screws up that conversion process. Everything seemed to work fine with Roxio version 5.3 Platinum and my old operating system, Windows 2000 Pro, and now that I have installed XP Pro and Roxio version 6, it seems to be all screwed up. And I thought I was "upgrading".
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