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By gale
Nov 15, 2003
  1. I have Win98 and WinXP. I know for a fact that Roxio GoBackup 3.11.59 will install to WinXP. It will not install to my HD that has been partitioned. Probably will not install to 2 HD irregardless.
    I try to install separate but the installation does not give me a choice-BackUp is installed to both by default. Have 50% free space on my 20 Gig 98 partition and 40 Gig XP partition.
    Anybody run into this. Waste of money sounds like.
  2. gale

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    Found this article-

    To install GoBack on a dual-boot system:
    Install GoBack under Windows 9x first.
    Complete the installation by booting all the way back into Windows 9x.
    Restart the computer.
    Press the spacebar when prompted by the GoBack boot window.
    Click "Disable GoBack" from the GoBack boot menu, and then press Enter.
    Restart the system into Windows NT/2000/XP.
    Log in as Administrator. You must log in as the local machine Administrator or a User with local machine Administrator rights to install GoBack under Windows NT/2000/XP.
    Install GoBack. The system will reboot to complete the installation.
    Complete the installation by booting all the way back into Windows NT/2000/XP and logging in as Administrator.

    GoBack will now be protecting and tracking both operating systems.
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