Running installation of anything won't work because restart hangs

By Babs1
Oct 26, 2005
  1. I wrote yesterday that my external devices would not work (camera, printer) and I can't run any installation of new programs because after installing you have to restart and my computer hangs on restart or turn off.

    Today, the printer works (I have dug deep into troubleshouting) but I still can't click on my Kodak Software (it hangs up the computer) and when I powered off to get it the computer going again , I decided to try to install a new free spy software to see what would happen and again had to restart after installing and again the computer hung. So I tried to install different programs and again the same thing happens. I have dug into Device Manager and worked with that, I have dug into System Config. and even tried what HP web site said to do: in the System Config. work down on all the selective groups and every time you have to restart I got the freeze so I only got so far down the list because I was afraid of turning off and on with the power button.

    Even with a good anit-virus program and two spy programs installed by a tech. could it be that somewhere I got a virus from the camera when I put it into the computer to download the pictures?
    My computer is a HP Pav. Windows XP, Rams at 512, Windows Firewall, Pop-up Starter (installed also by Technican). The camera is a Kodak with Kodak picture software. It was working great a week ago.
  2. iss

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    what you are describing is usually the result of a device driver or .DLL file that is either corrupted or windows simply doesnt like it. try running system file checker, with your XP disk in the optical drive open a command prompt and type
    sfc /scannow this will check your system files and replace or repair any that are missing or corrupted.
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