running slower.

By link1993120
Apr 6, 2007
  1. Aye,

    Well my laptop has been acting alot slower these past couple months and i've gotten to the point where its annoying me now. When i start it up it stays at the welcome screen for about 20 seconds. Then when i open any other random program it takes ALOT longer than usual. I've ran many spyware and virus tests, but i cant seem to find anything that would cause this major slowdown. Help is greatly appreciated. It's an Hp Pavillion zv6000 only a year old.
  2. Tedster

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    PLEASE read the guides forum:
    and I'll bet you haven't maxed your RAM out either....

    In addition to defragmenting, the following will speed up a slow system:

    1. ADD RAM. Anything less than 512mb on an XP system will run VERY slow period.

    2. stop unnecessary programs from running. Use MSCONFIG from your RUN command or better yet, use a free applet "startup editor" by Mike Lin - google it.

    3. Use Crap cleaner to clean and fix your registry.

    4. Don't use toolbars and extra crud unless you really need them.

    5. Check for viri and trojans frequently.

    6. Use FREERAM PRO XP to free up RAM when not in use. Page file swapping will really slow a system down.

    7. Use 2 hard drives or 2 partitions (the former is better). Have emails, page files, and web pages stored on the second. This will make your defragmenter work less hard.
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