Running Two Monitors

I have an older Toshiba M35X laptop and would like to use two monitors showing the same screen (karaoke stuff). When I powered up with the second monitor connected (VGA) it showed Windows XP loading but then, apparently, defaulted to the LCD screen and I got a 'no signal' message on the 2nd monitor. Is there a splitter of some sort that I can use or is there a way of making both work together. I know some machines have a switching system that lets you choose but I don't have any idea what key combination might do it on this machine. Thanks!!!


Need to set MIRROR option under control panel graphics. On a Laptop, it's ususally F1


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Press "Windows key + P". That will bring up a Projection menu in Windows 7 and Windows 10. With Windows XP there was no shortcut defaulted in the operating system. With Notebooks there was usually a Fn key that switches projection modes.

Regardless you can change the mode in Display Settings. Go to control panel and select Display (I don't remember if Display is the exact title). From there you should see options to span, duplicate, ignore, or project the added display.
Thanks guy! Got it going - There was an icon for my video card in the Control Panel which let me select dual monitors. Works like a charm - thanks again!!!!