Runtastic and Oculus team up for virtual reality workouts

Justin Kahn

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As Oculus and other VR options inch their towards mass market appeal, a number of third party developers are looking to get in on the tech as early as possible. One of those companies is developer Runtastic. The team is leveraging...

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Interesting concept, but I cannot see anyone who is serious about getting in shape using this. The VR is great, but any legitimate workout is going to cause perspiration. I cannot see the Rift being even remotely comfortable under that condition.

Alternatively, they could include a complementary spotter program: "One more rep, one more rep! It's all you, man! You've got this!" (right before being asphyxiated by the barbell.)


What about the real uses already, like virtual lapdance or interactive experience?


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The perverted users will want to know if there is a nude option for the trainer.

As for me, all I could think of was "Get into da choppa!" while watching the video.