Rx for dead subwoofer?

By sambacarl
Dec 1, 2005
  1. Help!

    I have a several-years old set of Altec Lansing Surround 641 speakers, a 4.1 model which is no longer in production. They're connected to my PC (running XP) and are also my main source of music via CD's and web-radio. They've only seen light use because they've been in storage a lot due to travel etc, and I never played them at high volume.

    They worked fine last week, then I returned from a 5-day Thanksgiving trip, and the subwoofer no longer functions. No pops or thumps or other death cries, just silent. The 4-satellites still work OK.

    I've done all the PC diagnostics I could find, and my headphones work fine, so the soundcard is OK. I played a discman directly into the Aux front port on the subwoofer (a function which used to work - I used the Line-Out, not the Headphone-Out socket.), and still nothing.

    A/L tech says the circuit board in the subwoofer has developed a defect. I assume they mean the crossover circuit, or maybe it's the internal amp?

    So is this a known issue, and if so, any advice?

    Am I crazy to think I might somehow fix it myself (with help from a tech-savvy friend)?

    Is there a source for replacement crossover/amp circuitry or parts out there somewhere?

    Would a "generic" amp or crossover with similar spec's work?

    I hate to just toss out and replace what used to be a perfectly good (and $$) system if I can fix it somehow.

    Thanks for any advice!
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