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Apr 1, 2004
  1. Thanks in advance for any help. I have no knowledge of tech language for audio. S/PDIF meant nothing to me until today when I researched a little.

    Basic simple question. My motherboard has an S/PDIF out jack. My home stereo has only the basic r/l input jacks that come on all home stereos.

    What is the best way to connect my computer to my home stereo?

    Thanks again, much appreciated.
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  3. DonNagual

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    Thanks for the response. I could use that connector you suggested I think if I use the same audio output jack that my computer speakers are now connected to.

    But there is another jack that is a different type. It is labbled S/PDIF, and it looks more like a regular stereo jack, or one that you would connect a vcr to a tv with.

    Anyone know if it would be better for me to use this vcr looking jack labelled s/pdif, or should I just use the connector suggested above with my normal audio output jack?

    Hope this makes sense to ya'll!
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    DonNagual, the S/PDIF output, is for digital output only, ie. Dolby Digital 5.1 sound. If your reciever only has stereo, r/l inputs, you cannot use this.

    You will need to use the output on your motherboard that you use for your computer speakers. If it is the smaller 3.5mm jack, (probably is), you can get a cord, probably at Wal Mart or for sure Radio Shack, that will be similar to the one in the link in the above post, but on one end will have a 3.5mm jack, and on the other end two "RCA" type jacks, that will plug into your stereo, r/l, inputs.

    Edit: I now see you are in Japan and I don't know if you have Wal Mart or Radio Shack stores, but you should be able to get that cord at most any electronics store.
  5. DonNagual

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    Gotcha, thanks so much. It all makes sense now.
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