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May 3, 2003
  1. I have a Toshiba laptop with S/PDIF out. The S/PDIF out is shared with the headphone out port. I bought a 75ohm coaxial cable and a rca -> 3.5mm minijack convertor and hooked it all up to my Creative Playworks DTT3500 system. I enabled digital output on the laptop etc, but no sound! Nothing! Can anyone point me in the right direction, does what I have done sound right? I know next to nothing about S/PDIF. I have my PS2 connected to the same sound system with an optical cable which works brilliantly so I presume the sound system is not to blame. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. Tarkus

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    assuming you remembered to switch the DTT3500s over to coax from optical then I'd check how they handle the minijack connector on the laptop. could be a custom minijack also don't forget that it's at least a 3 contact connector for stereo; a mono jack won't work. You may have to solder up a custom cable.
  3. _NiX_

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    Yea i did switch it over ;P On the note of the mono jack, it is indeed a mono jack. I am thinking that it shouldnt make a difference as it is only a mono signal? I am probably completely wrong but as the cable is only one core, it should only be one (mono) signal? Toshiba has NO information on this ANYWHERE. Since the cable I have is a £50 IXOS digital audio cable, I will not be cutting/soldering it in any way, I will have to look for a stereo mini jack convertor.
  4. Tarkus

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    Since the laptops output is stereo you may need a stereo minijack to dual phono output adapter then one or the other phono plugs will probably carry the SPDIF signal but not necessarily.

    What model Toshiba do you have? You sure there isn't a separate coax output for the SPDIF?
  5. _NiX_

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    It is a Uk model 5100-503. It doesnt have any rca outputs, it even uses a minijack for line-out and tv-out. Ill get it working, sooner or later! Thanx for all the help.
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