S3 DeltaChrome Preview

By Julio Franco
Jan 13, 2003
  1. Long time since we saw such a news busy day, Firingsquad has posted a preview of S3's upcoming DeltaChrome chip which is slated for late Q2/02, I'd say something around July/August if S3 doesn't experience any production delays.

    Here's a bit from the intro to get you started on this DX9 chip (which shouldn't mean much nowadays - just look at SiS, for example)...
    After taking a few years off to focus on the mobile/integrated markets, S3 plans to come back to the desktop PC in 2003 and they're coming back with a bang! Their first product, DeltaChrome, is aimed directly at the latest DirectX 9 accelerators on the market, and has all the specs (and 2.4Gigapixel/sec fill rate) to prove it. In fact, in a few ways DeltaChrome goes beyond DX9's specs, and even offers native HDTV encoding.

    Hmmm... HDTV...
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