Build a PC Safe to run without case cover on?

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Recently I had to upgrade my power supply, and I find it won't fit into my case. Rather than going out to get another one, I simply plugged it in on the outside of the case and left the cover off. Is this safe?


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Safe to do. Absolutely.

But I don't recommend it if there is any chance something could get inside it and bump into stuff. (little kids, toys, dog or cat, ect).

But yes, you can run without the side of the case on no problem.


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For a sturdier solution, drill/saw/chew a hole in the computer case to let the PSU cables through. Then put the cover back on and tape/glue/screw the PSU on top.


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I run both of my machines with covers off, no problems. Have done so for many years. But as Nodsu said I would try to get that PSU tied down to something.
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