Samba Configuration Problems

By joshuarowley42
Jun 24, 2006
  1. Hello anyone!!

    I have had several bad experiences with linux before, but am still perseveering, and am sure that I am Beginning to see the end of this dark tunnel, my problems included 5 hard drive corruptions, randomly loosing my GUI, and just generally had problems, but as I said, I think this is the last set-up I will be doing for a while, I have got myself a far more reliable hard drive etc.

    But my problem at the moment as the title may suggest is the configuration of Samba, I have tried all sorts of things, and then ended up resorting to pure trial and error, and can report 100% error, so I now have a messed up smb.conf file. Could someone please give me some advice on getting hold of a smb.conf file which has settings for just share level sharing, with an example share.

    The thing that baffles me about the whole situation is that I managed to get hold of my smb.conf file from a previous installation (which worked), and now does not, I have a feeling I am blessed with bad luck!

    If anyone could help, I will be eternally grateful (and in debt!)

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