SamofLANge Lan Party #3, UK 80 person lan party

By samolan
Jan 12, 2006
  1. SamofLANge Lan Party #3

    Our third lan party is to be held on the 27th - 29th January 2006 in Maidstone, Kent.

    Check us out here

    Samo3 is a weekend LAN social event.
    It's located @ :

    The Medway Suite, at the
    Best Western Russell Hotel
    136 Boxley Road
    Penenden Heath
    ME14 2AE

    Weekend Ticket for Samo3: £35.00 on the door (you must register first and let me know)

    or by Paypal : £32.50 for a direct payment

    This entitles you a connection to our LAN (Gigabit server backbone), and a chance to play in our tournaments. You will need to bring your own pc, and sleeping bag, or you can rent a hotel room if you prefer.

    we've got all our equipment, servers, tournament schedule, and poker tournaments sorted, and our sponsors will be providing us with some prizes, wooo! it's the same venue as always, nice big room, good lighting and aircon, plenty of power, our own handy man, a 2nd conference room if u want quiet sleeping, but still plenty of room to sleep in the room, its your choice.

    We got use of the main bar, of course, but feel free to bring ur own drinks, it's not a problem. Parking is free, and plenty of it, and we're easy to find from the motorway junctions, info will be on our website for that, and for those with sat nav, ur just show offs! :p

    There is a big convoy going down from southampton, as most of us are students here, so if you want to get involved, please feel free to register on our forum. (

    The price is £32.50, and we have an 80 person capacity. Hope to see you all there, and if you have any flyers of banners you would like us to put up at our event for your lan party, let us know. get in touch, because two events are better than one! <--- it's all there, you need to register on the forum to be able to signup, hope to see you all there for a few beers.

    Take it easy and hopefully see some of you there!
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