Samsung 512 USB Flash Drive Wont Save unless I format.

By layitdown33
Dec 14, 2005
  1. I have a Samsung 512 Flash drive (its light gray color) that saves files when it feels like it. What happens is it saves the files and it allows me to access them all up until the point when i disconect the drive from my pc. When I try to access them again they are no longer there. This has happened using many different pc's. I dont understand what the problem could be.
    When I format it allows me to save but then it starts to not save all over again.
    I went to Samsung's web site and they dont have any information pertaining to flash drives. I also called there tech support and they could offer me no information. Infact the 2 different reps had no clue about samsung even having flash drives. I told the guy thats strange because there are many of them on ebay for sell, NEW.

    I got the drive from a friend because he has serval and he wasnt using it. Anyhow I dont want to waste a drive so maybe one of you could help me.
  2. SNGX1275

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    That doesn't sound good, my guess is your drive is toast. Best to buy a new one, where did you get it at? Can you take it back? Has it ever worked properly?

    Try to format it through disk management in XP, if its still no good, try it on a Windows98SE machine (you will likely need a driver for your drive to do this). Or try to format it as FAT32 from a linux machine.
  3. barfarf

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    Bad news

    hmmm.... The only time i heard anything like that was with mp3 player flash drive. THe solution with was to hold down the mp3 power button for 30 second as your plug it into the usb port. This reset the driver for the player.

    Sadly for flash drive you I say its a lemon. See if you can return it or exchange it for a new one at the place your purchases it.

    Good Luck

    ps. I just thought of something. Are you formatting the flash drive in "FAT32" file system? Some flash drive dont like that. Try formatting in "FAT" or vice versa.
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