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Jan 10, 2007
  1. SO today I went to frys and got one of them LIGHTSCRIBE dvd burners( samsung SH-S182) I uninstalled my old sony dru 510A, and installed the new burner, but when i turn on the computer , windows doesnt even see it , during boot if i try o open it , it opens, but when windows loads, it wont open half of the time. Sometimes it opens ,but sometimes not.

  2. JimShady23

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    Did you change the jumper on the back accordingly to your master/slave needs ? Set it to master if it is the only drive or the first drive on the IDE cable or Slave if it is the second drive on the IDE cable.

    Double check the power connection to the unit. Make sure it is firmly connected.

    Since it isnt opening and closing wich it should do reguardless I would say it is a faulty unit. Just take it back and get a new one if the above info dont cure.
  3. darel001

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    But it does open sometimes, I guess i wont know until I reboot, althoug bios doesnt recogniz either.
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    If your BIOS doesn't recognise it when you have the jumpers set properly you either have a bad cable or a bad drive.
  5. darel001

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    YEAH IT WAS THE JUMPERS. I forget about them since i started using SATA for hard drives.
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