Samsung DVD writer H552B experiences

By GuGoRaKu
Nov 21, 2005
  1. I updated Samsung 552H firmware from 08 to 10 and found that my Audio CD
    ripping speed reduced to 3-5x from 12-16x. So I went back to firmware 08 and
    the ripping speed came back up.

    All of a sudden I found even though Nero reported a good DVD burn, the DVD
    created was a coaster. Somewhere 1/3 of way the data would be irrecoverable
    on the DVDR, 25 DVDR down the drain!

    After buying a SONY DVD writer and finshing the job, I started to play with the
    Samsun drive and when I changed the firmware back to 10, the DVD writer
    became fine with no bad burns but the audio ripping speed dropped to less than 5..

    Some you win some you don't..
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