Samsung has reportedly partnered up with a 'counterfeit' version of fashion brand 'Supreme'


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Samsung's business-to-business outreach division is likely in some hot water today.

If you haven't been keeping up with the latest news surrounding the company, Samsung has partnered with a fake version of fashion brand Supreme, according to Hypebeast.

The outlet says Samsung recently held an event in China where it announced a supposed partnership with Supreme. Two individuals posing as the CEOs of the company walked on stage to announce that it would be entering the Chinese market for the first time with a "seven-story flagship store" in Beijing.

That ridiculous notion aside, as it turns out, Samsung is working with a company called "Supreme Italia," which -- despite its confusing name -- has no relation to the actual Supreme, which is based in New York City.

Supreme Italia does produce products with similar, if not identical branding to the real Supreme, but it is able to operate legally due to Supreme NYC's failure to defend its trademark in a legal battle earlier this year.

In other words, Samsung has willingly partnered with a "counterfeit" organization. Supreme NYC, for its part, is none too pleased with Samsung's dealmaking abilities, issuing the following statement:

Supreme is not working with Samsung, opening a flagship location in Beijing or participating in a Mercedes-Benz runway show. These claims are blatantly false and propagated by a counterfeit organization.

Regardless, Samsung hasn't given any indication that it will be putting an end to its partnership. On the contrary, it has doubled down on its decision.

"We are collaborating with Supreme Italia, not Supreme NYC, " Samsung of China's digital marketing manager Leo Lau said in a translated statement. "Supreme NYC has no sales and marketing authorization in China, but Supreme Italia has obtained product sales and market authorizations in the Asia Pacific region (except Japan)."

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Oh lol, it had to happen, Apple fanboys had to say that Samsung is copying Apple... well how about we say Microsoft was the father of all and call it a day? =)