Samsung is rumored to be working on a budget-friendly 'Galaxy Note 10 Lite'


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A recent report from SamMobile suggests Samsung is aiming to cater to its budget-minded customers a bit better moving forward. Apparently, the phonemaker is developing a new Note device, dubbed the Galaxy Note 10 Lite.

Given the device's branding, we can probably expect the Note 10 Lite (if it truly exists) to have a similar overall design to the full Note 10; but with stripped-down hardware.

However, since it is supposedly a Note gadget, we'd be surprised if Samsung completely nuked the phone's capabilities. This is mere speculation on our part, but perhaps the device will feature less RAM, a slightly older processor, and downgraded storage capacity, while retaining features like the S-Pen and a triple-camera setup. For reference, the standard Note 10 ships with a 6.3" FHD AMOLED display, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of onboard storage.

At any rate, precisely what compromises the Note 10 Lite will bring is unknown for now. Even SamMobile does not seem to know much more about the device. However, if their information is accurate, the Note 10 Lite should ship with two color options (black and red) and the model number SM-N770F.

While the concept of a more affordable Galaxy Note 10 does sound appealing, all of this information should be taken with a grain of salt for now. The existence of such a device has not been confirmed by Samsung yet, and that silence probably won't be broken until an official reveal (phonemakers generally don't like to comment on rumors or speculation). Regardless, we'll be sure to update you the moment we have more information.

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Interesting, thanks for posting.
If your buying the A-number-1 best phone/Galaxy/Note, your getting bent over the picnic table.
I recommend the 2nd or 3rd best, 90% of the same thing, 50% of the cost.
New in box Note 9's are on ebay for $500.

It's amazing how quickly prices drop.
I broke my Samsung S7 last weekend duck hunting and upgraded to an S8.
When I bought my S7 (new in box) I paid about $280 shipped back in May.
I just got my S8 (new in box) for $295 shipped on ebay...again, back in May a NIB S8 was around $400 or so.
Still getting used to the slight curve at the edge but holy hell is this thing a rocket, funny how it uses the USB-C connector, our new X360 1030G2 Elitebooks don't have RJ-45 connections, just a USB-C, and they come with a USB-C to RJ-45 converter, which are about $50 each.
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Would be nice to see an iPhone SE competitor in the ring... but I realize most people prefer the big phones. I say no thanks. I quite like my little 4" screen phone, fits easily in the pocket and isn't heavy.

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Yeah, I was going to say that it really needs to come in at or under $500 to be competitive in that market, otherwise it will be just an overpriced "little phone" ....


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People didnt want non plus note, why the heck would they want light?
It is still gonna be expensive compared to chinese offers.


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People didnt want non plus note, why the heck would they want light?
It is still gonna be expensive compared to chinese offers.
Yes, probably. Chinese are unbeatable when it comes to affordability and Samsung tends to overprice their phones.