Samsung mocks Apple's decision to drop charger, suggesting it won't do the same


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Yes, it is true that Apple greedily forced their customer base to buy separate chargers for a decade, as they deliberately bundled worthless dittos with their phones. That, they can't defend or pretend never happened by now not bundling anything at all.

Yes they can and they're doing it. It's all about deception and portraying themselves as Carbon savers, while in reality they didn't do anything meaningful to save the environment, they just saved their own costs and make new customers pay more money.

Are Iphones compatible now with standard widely used chargers? No.
Do you still need to buy proprietary Apple adapters for their devices. Yes.
If they really cared about Carbon emissions they'd do something that actually costs them money instead of just saving their bank.


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Because I have hearing problems in both my ears I use hearing aids that have bluetooth built in and surround sound technology very expensive so I have no need for earbuds or headphone jacks on my devices as long as I have bluetooth, even my car and suv has bluetooth connectivity so my hearing aids can connect to them also while I am driving, as far as chargers go I have Apple chargers, Samsung Chargers, Motorola chargers, etc if and when they stop making bluetooth then I have a problem or I go completely deaf whichever comes first.
I have mixed feelings on this.

Apple packaged a 5W charger with my XS max and every other iPhone I've owned. I have several of them laying around collecting dust. As Apple points out, they've shipped over 2 Billion of them.

Thing is, they charge so ridiculously slow, partly to protect the battery, that I don't want to use them.
I regularly use a 12W Apple adapter (in my bathroom while I'm in the shower) or a 100W GaN charger (next to my bed) or a 2.5A car charger in my cars.

The same goes for the headphones. I've NEVER used apple's earbuds because they don't fit my ears.
I have a pair of Jib+ currently ($25) that I use in the gym and wherever else I want to listen to music.

So now: I have two pieces just sitting in the box collecting dust.

What good is packaging a part that I don't use?

The USBC-to-Lightning cable is basically a way of giving mac users a direct connect to their phone which will charge the phone faster. Anyone who truly needs a high amp charger will just buy one anyway.

As a person coming new to ecosystem. I was hoping I could atleast get the charger for it and not pay extra $40 for a new one, without which the phone would be unusable. They should atleast have given an option to add the charger free of cost just like engraving option. Conditional and one can add it if they need to. That would have been the best. But as many posts by the verge and forbes point out. Its not a move towards environment. (As people buying additional chargers etc means more packaging would amount to more waste than bundling it inclusively) It just shifts the blame from apple to some other company. and in the long term would be more detrimental to environment. They just want people to buy it from them coz if a person who doesn't own some earphones or want a new one, they are more probable to go to get airpods. And if just even 2% of new iphone 12 users get the airpods separately. It would make excess of 700 million dollars of profit for apple. In the end environment thing is just good marketing gimmick for a pretence for more profit.


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A great move on samsmugs part, given all the problems they have on their latest phones, this may be the only thing they have going for them.


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While I do not like not use iphone, I remember Samsung mocking Apple for removing audio jack... Then did same.


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From dropping charger + headphones essentials from their main product, to losing the entire Chinese market, we may be looking at Apple's major downfall into the coming year.

The only thing that interested me was the promised 120Hz screen, which they failed to deliver. They really seem to be dropping the ball now.
Me being honest,
They were already on a downfall, and number wise of actual marketshare.
It's only a matter of time before that bubble pops, they own zero manufacturing(other than a few assembly) and don't produce anything, like many markets it becomes unstable and unable to sustain it's business model.


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Apple isn’t like the rest of the world.

That’s why Apple is on top.

You can’t argue with $2T - $3T dollars.
On top of what exactly?
Last I checked their marketshare is rapidly declining in the several key markets they have devices in, I would say produce but they don't manufacture anything.
Computers they haven't been relevant since early 2000's.
iPods set back personal audio by 20 years in quality.
Ipad was just a consumer version device of what already existed and just an iPhone that was oversized.
Smartphone market is supersaturated and Is devices like Tizen own the majority.
So what delusional kool aid are you drinking.


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What I'm afraid is that there'll be even more counterfeit apple adapters floating around the market. people like you and me in this forum can instantly recognize even the highest quality fake, but not everyone (especially in region without official apple store) could tell and let's be honest, importers are not going to import as much adapter as the phone itself.

I don't like apple but I don't like those knockoff product even more.
Then one day we will read a headline that half a million One+'s chargers are confiscated by customs and all the real fakes will still get through!

Due to infringement of them having a USB port on one side and AC wall plug on the other side! Must be the same thing!


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Apple isn’t like the rest of the world.

That’s why Apple is on top.

You can’t argue with $2T - $3T dollars.

Depends on how you measure top - I do like money - but is not that important to me - rather have health and free time to follow my passions.

Yesterday I got reading about Reinhold Messner, Edmund Hillary and Steve Jobs .
The easiest one to understand is Edmund - As a kiwi I really don't care about him climbing Everest with Tenzing first - I like the fact he set out to challenge himself , he's a nice guy and mostly for the great work he did in Nepal.
As for Jobs - I haven't read his bio - it must of been great fun and excitement in the Apple 1 & II days - other than that I wouldn't swap my live for his - better things to do than work stupid hours , exploit and be nasty over a phone . So many music bands say the happiest times were when they were broke on the road - them , their music and adventures .
Hillary said he always wanted to be an amateur adventurer - I was like the same when I spent 10 years travelling the world - ignoring silly questions like how many countries I had visited ( like who cares - it does not interest me ) - others asked why I didn't try to make money from it - and like Hillary I knew it would be horrible .
As for Reinhold - still need to do some more reading


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Personally I thought they were a waste & would rather have lower price. I have at least 5 such unused chargers in original phone boxes that I have not even tested. I have 5 devices and I use a couple of 60 watt 6 outlet chargers in 2 locations in the home. BTW I don't have so many free outlets so doesn't matter to me and my solution is better. Actually I did buy a Samsung 3 weeks back and it Did come with a charger + data cable albeit without earphones.