Samsung portable hard drive burning smell and flickering light

Hi all, HELP !
My Samsung external/portable hard drive didn't work for me tonight.It has a flickering light, and burning smell.
The hard drive contains nearly all my children's photos, so it’s obviously really worrying.
I’ve seen how to dismantle the box, and access the PCB’s.
There are 2 pcb’s, one looks like just being the power supply, which I think might be the problem,and the other,larger board seems to be the main board/brains.
It looks quite straight forward to swap the boards, but getting the correct boards is a bit of a minefield.

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Please provide Maker and model for device.
HDD = hard disk drive
SATA = one of several connectors for devices (Serial AT Attachment)

You may be able to remove the storage from your device and to make a copy of it with a PC.

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The manual:

How to dismantle:

You are now ready to try your old 3TB HDD on another system by directly connecting it using a SATA cable and a power connector from the Power Supply Unit (PSU). Using the part number on the HDD, you should be able to find a manual for it on the Seagate website.

DO NOT INITIALIZE! DO NOT FORMAT!! DO NOT "REPAIR". Review all steps and ask about anything you do not fully understand BEFORE YOU DO IT.

Since the HDD is already formatted as NTFS (NT File System), you can use it just as it is. The system setting may need adjustment to open a SATA port, but there should be nothing else.

Open case for the computer system. (If all you have is a laptop, consider borrowing a working system OR take it to a Computer Repair shop or a nerd buddy - I would expect a charge of about $100 after hearing about the risks of not being able to tell if data can be recovered)

Connect SATA cable to open SATA port (see motherboard manual).
Connect SATA to HDD
Connect power to HDD
Start computer
Open File Explorer
Confirm HDD is recognized ***
COPY files from HDD to another medium (I use flash drives, iDrive, Zoolz, etc)

*** If not recognized, STOP and get help if you do not know how to access BIOS/settings to have system recognize the additional connected HDD. It is already formatted, so do nothing to the HDD - otherwise you risk losing the files.

Remember - a single copy is not backed up and a second copy is not backed up, it takes 2 separate additional copies on different devices in different locations to be backed up.