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Samsung USB Flash Drive software problems

By Ubtree
May 23, 2007
  1. I have set up a secure area on a Samsung USB Flash Drive using the Samsung software, but when I run the software on a second PC, the second PC crashes. So I would like to abandon the Samsung software, and instead use TrueCrypt. However. . . .

    The Samsung software allows you to set up a private, password-protected partition in addition to the public partition, and enables you to switch from one to the other. Only one partition is visible to Windows (including in Computer Management). You are supposed to be able to adjust the partition by choosing the “Format” option in the Samsung software, but the Samsung software has stopped displaying the option! So I cannot undo the partitioning, and half the drive is inaccessible to Windows.

    The Samsung software that I am using variously describes itself as “USB Disk Pro”, “Security Utility ver. 2.67.00) and SecurePenDrive.

    So, if anyone can answer any of these questions I might be able to move forward:
    •  Why has the “Format” option disappeared from the Samsung software window / how can I get it back?
    •  Where can I download a later version of the Samsung software?
    •  How can I override the Samsung software, and reformat the whole drive as a single partition again?
    •  Where can I get support for USB Flash Drives within the Samsung empire ( - despite my best efforts, I have been unable to find this?)
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