Sandisk 1GB Memory Card problems

By Amita
Oct 1, 2006
  1. Am a serious photographer. My Sandisk 1GB Memory Card packed up and cannot be read. I can only see the icons of the RAW pictures but not download them either thru the card reader or thru the Camera. These were v.imp pictures. need help and suggerstions to retrieve them asap.

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  2. ZVI

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    Did you try copying and pasting them out. What kind of card is it by the way SD,XD ...? Is it locked maybe, I don't think it should affect it that way though if it is, but trying can't hurt. Also sometimes the cards memory gets sort of messed up and then you need to use something more professional to get stuff off of it. I had a similar problem with my SD card and i ended up reformatting it but I lost everything that was on it, none of it was really important anyhow though. I have a friend whose card was messed up so he brought it to a photo shop and somehow they got some of the pictures off of it. I don't know how they do it though. I suppose there is some program you can get that would do the same thing as they did.
    In general because of problems like this I think the cards are supposed to be reformatted every so often (you lose your pictures when you reformat so make sure to copy everything off when you do it though). sorry i can't help more, hope you find a solution.

  3. Bluemouse

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    What error do you get when you try to download them?
  4. Susie

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    SanDisk 1gb memory card problem

    I (also) am having a problem. Bought a new SanDisk 1gb card for my Nikon Coolpix 4600 camera. I expected to have to format it but when I put it in the camera and turned it on, I got an error message: "This card cannot be used." The user manual says to clean the connectors -- which I assume are the copper ends on the card. Cleaned them with a q-tip and replaced it in the camera. Turned it on and still the same error message. The other action to take (according to user guide) is to format the card. But the camera won't let me format the card. Short of returning it to the store, what other steps could I be doing? Thanks.
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