SanDisk SD 256MB card lost all pictures - is there a way to retrieve?

By joanimaroni
Jan 6, 2005
  1. I have a 5.1 megapixel Gateway camera. I kept it in my car and more or less forgot it was there so the battery died. I recharged the battery. (all the while, the SD card was in the camera. When I turned on the camera after it was charged, it just showed "error". I tried the card on my computer and it didn't even recognize it was there. I was able to view a different SD card in my camera - so I know the problem is with the card not the camera. Am I SOL? 2 main questions - 1) is there a way of retrieving the pictures I had on the camera? 2) can I format the card so that it is useable or did it bite the dust?
  2. WalterPavesi

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    Retrieve Data From San Disk Cards

    I bought SandDisk cards in Switzerland and I got a RescuePro 1.0 program that should do right the job. I tested it and worked to recover deleted data.
    Probably you will find the same or a similar program online.
    If not let me know.
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