Santa Cruz & SB Live! in ONE system

By Rendy
Jun 17, 2003
  1. Hey...anyone here using more than one soundcard in a system? Particularly Turtle Beach's Santa Cruz and SoundBlaster Live! 5.1

    My PC originally comes with Santa Cruz and I wish to have 2 independent inputs so I went to get SB Live!...Now, installation was successful, no conflicts whatsoever...WEIRD thing is, when I'm listening to Mp3 using WMP 6.4/7/9 on Santa Cruz, I hear NOTHING....But when I'm listening on SB Live! I do......I tried changing the default playback device from Control Panel...No Luck.

    Now, another thing, I mentioned that I hear nothing when using Santa Cruz & WMP...BUT I can hear system sounds (click, window starts...etc)

    When I checked my IRQ, it says SB Live! 18 and Santa Cruz 22...hmm, could it be the fact that, since SB has a smaller number, Windows sees it first hence, prefers using it. However, I did try changing the PCI luck.

    .........Hmmm......any idea anyone? Thanks!
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