Sapphire 9800 PRO 128 mb OC and maybe Flash

By jeroni
Aug 28, 2004
  1. Hi,First of all i would like to say hi to all of you im new on this forum so i hope there are a lot of Intelligent people in here

    So as the topic says i got myself a brand new sapphire 9800 Pro 128mb DDR. Core R350 And Hynix memory.

    I also installed a new cooler:Zalman ZM80D-HP with OP-1 Fan too

    Now i realy want to overclock it,but what is the best program to overclock.....i want a stable fast overclock and leave it 24/7 with gaming and stuf.

    Maybe i will flash it to XT but dont know for sure i dont know if it worth it.
    First i want too no how this baby can handle some nice Stable speeds

    So help me out.....

    Thks so far
  2. abc

    abc TS Rookie Posts: 39

    IMO, the best program for overclocking ATI cards is "ATI tool". As far as flashing the bios goes, I think you need an R360 core. If the card is new, it should have an R360 and not an R350.
  3. jeroni

    jeroni TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I heard that the bios flash will possible work with r350 too.....

    But about the ati tool how does it work to get a stable overclock?
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