sata 2 sata cloning

By feather09
Oct 29, 2007
  1. pls help.....i have a desktop with a sata hardisk.....i want to clone the present cpu.....with the another cpu having the same using acronis true image for cloning

    Q. How can i clone the datas on the present sata from the other sata?
    Q. How can i set the other sata as slave and the present sata as primary?
  2. aspirulito

    aspirulito TS Rookie Posts: 25

    first of all I believe what you want to clone is the Hard drive not the CPU, that would be kinda hard to do. For SATA you do NOT need to set one as slave and the other as master just plug them both and make sure the one you want to boot from is specified in the BIOS as the boot hard drive. Another thing to consider is that you will not be able to copy files from the drive while they are being used by windows, Acronis should let you boot from the cd so you can clon the drive while NOT in windows, if not then search on google for a free boot cd, there are many... burn it and use it to boot from, run one of the utilities included in the cd that will allow you to clon the hard drive.. PM me if you have any more questions or if I wasn't clear enough and I will be happy to assist you.
  3. feather09

    feather09 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thx for the reply....i got an idea. Good day!
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