SATA 300 gig HD only detects 124 gigs

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Apr 20, 2006
  1. hi my 300 gig maxtor 6V300F0 wich is SATA, the max capacity is 124 gigs what is the problem with this i had a tough time even getting it to detect i had to disbale raid and all that junk in my bios

    BTW my motherboard is a GA-K8NF-9
    WITH amd x2 4400+ 2 gigs of ram

    ANY IDEAS? TIPS PLZ HELP ME im sure its something simple but i had little problems like this . thanks

    ps- i hope i dont have to reformat and its a driver issuse or bios issue i need an answer ASAP! thankss again
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  3. stevefkz

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    ehh no luck!

    tried almost everything on that site../ post wutever, ANYHOW in my bios it detects 128 gigs it used to show 300 but never got 300 in windows xp i got 123 -8 heres wut i did,

    updated the SATA controler w. new drivers - NO GOOD
    updated bios- NO GOOD
    maxblast - wrote all 0's to the drive/ tried to resize the partition - no luck

    anything else i can try i will be at work all day so ill have plenty of time to work on this. im an IT so im not a nub even tho i MAY sound like 1.
  4. stevefkz

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    figured it out

    NFORCE 4 is not compatiable with that MAXTOR DRIVER ... weak rite so this solves the problem for mator users
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    sometimes xp and W2K just want to default to the ide
    remove any ide drives other than the cd or dvd of course
    I posted a reg fix here for enable 42bit large drives
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