sata and hdd problem...2 os fighting with each other?

By Loucifer1
Jan 15, 2007
  1. Recently bought and assembled a k8mm3 msi mobo, sempron 3000+, and a 320gb seagate sata drive. The sata refuses to boot windows alone, (without the old ide drive installed.). I am pretty good at building computers but this has me stumped. I made a floppy with the mobo sata drivers on it. during windows install I press f6 and it insatlls the via drivers...but when it gets to the format/partiton says windows detected no drives. onchip sata is set to enabled in bios, and configured as ide. The computer will boot from the old hdd, has xp home on it, and then it will install windows on the sata and it works for maybe a week. I have 2 windows installations, one on each disk, and i think they are 'fighting' each other...after a week or so it starts locking up and programs quit working. My goal is to boot windows onto the sata, and format the old ide drive for storage of mp3's, ect. any ideas? Any help would be much appreciated..thanks.
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    I do not recommend running both IDE and SATA simultaneously. Although it will work - they question is for how long. Windows has a tendency to crash when running both types of drives. This is because during system errors windows tends to write boot information to an IDE drive and then the system will not recover until the IDE drive is removed. So if you go with a SATA controller, remove the IDE drive.
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    I unplugged the sata power and cable.Tried rebooting the hdd, had to do a slow format. Then, once windows xp was installed on the old ide drive again, went to disk management and did a slow format on the sata. The sata drivers that came with the mobo were drivers did the trick. Powered down, removed ide drive, and rebooted...and BINGO, it sees the sata drive as drive 0...I did a clean install of win xp pro on the sata drive...finally! Thanks for the info, Tedster, it made me back up and think it over, and take a different approach. Why use the ide drive when I can partition the large drive? Tahnks to all who viewed this, and keep in mind, MSI makes a good board, but dont trust their VIA drivers... I am wondering if its because this seagate 320gb has it's OWN bios...Hmmm, interesting...Anyway, PROBLEM SOLVED... thanks techspot, you guys rock.
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    P.S.... I tried to slave the old IDE back into the system after, and it DID NOT WORK. Ted was correct..IDE and SATA drives don't really get along well.
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