Sata Cd rom Issues

By RBlade
Feb 2, 2005
  1. I am currently running a Asus A8N_SLI Mobo with 2 Western Digital Raptors in Raid 0. I recently purchased a Plextor PX-716SA SATA dvd burner, and i can not get it to work properly.

    The drive is reconized in the Bios, but when Windows goes to boot it gets to the windows logo then BAM! the black screen of death..... Not sure how to setup and i have not heard back from asus in a week.

    If any one can help, it would be much appreciated.

    - R.
  2. knuckleball

    knuckleball TS Rookie Posts: 60

    ive notices there are alot of issues with the ide drivers and dvd-rws. you could disconnect it, uninstall ide drives from device manager, turn off computer, hook back up drive, then reboot and it may find everything all over again and work splendidly. or maybe not. just a thought.
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