SATA for Dimension 4600

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May 1, 2006
  1. Sorry if this is a repost, but here goes:

    My parents have a Dell Dimension 4600 that is currently using a 37GB IDE hard drive.

    I'd like to help them upgrade it, so I took a look at Dell's online documentation, and it says the computer supports SATA.

    If I just open the case for a quick peek, what do I look for to see if it actually supports SATA?

    Is there some telltale wire that I need to look for?

    I know what the IDE strips look like, they're the flat ones with like 40 lines.

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  3. houmanator

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    Sorry if I'm resurfacing this old old thread. But I didn't want to start-up a new thread on the subject. I'm trying to install a SATA drive on a old Dell dimension 4600. The old HD on the PC is PATA, although there is support for SATA on the board. It has available power and data connection cords for a new PATA drive. The question I had was aside from connecting the new SATA hd directly to the board, since there is no power connector for the SATA HD, can I just get a IDE to SATA power adapter and connect the new HD to that??
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    You probably mean molex connector to SATA power connector but, yes, you can.
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    Yeah that's what I meant. Thanks.
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