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By Riggs|Riggs
Apr 13, 2005
  1. Well I gave a descriptive title. I put together a machine with the Mach Speed PT800DB Motherboard. It has two SATA built into the board along with two IDE channels.

    I wrestled with it all night and have still not slept. I finally found the right drivers for the HDD. (Maxtor 200GB SATA/150) And have just finally got Windows up to speed.

    I have a 9800AIW on this machine and when I tried to use the TV feature of the card on this new system it told me that I could not watch TV because my HDD does not support DMA. Okay fine. So maybe it doesn't?

    If it doesn't, I have an IDE HDD that is not connected right now because I need to transfer the data from it from a different PC because for some reason I cannot tell my motherboard to NOT boot from the IDE. It seems that no matter what I do to the boot order or how many times I double check my setttings if I have an IDE HDD (WinXP is installed on it) connected to my system in completely ignores the fresh install of XP Prof on the new SATA.

    So my question is this.
    I want to be able to use my AIW card to watch TV again, what should I do? Does my HDD support DMA? If it doesn't can I configure my PC to use the IDE drive for the DMA so I can watch TV then? Aggrh. I could have posted here earlier when I was swearing a lot because I had to swap a 3.5Floppy back and forth to get my drivers going. Can someone please offer me some adivce/help/wisdom on SATA and DMA and IDE and SATA together.

    I think it comes down to this motherboard sux.

    Anyway on the Maxtor Box it says 200GB ATA/150
    Other Drive is a 160GB IDE (Ultra or something)
    And I have been all over the BIOS.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Nodsu

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    Do you have a SCSI option in the BIOS boot order? Maybe that will go as SATA?

    Your hard drive most certainly supports DMA. You do have to enable DMA for the HD and (S)ATA controller in BIOS plus install the drivers for the (S)ATA controller in Windows. And double-check the controller/channel properties in Device Manager for enabled DMA.
  3. Riggs|Riggs

    Riggs|Riggs TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Allright thank you for the response. The BIOS program is kind of cheap IMO. I will try the SCSI as boot through the BIOS after I finish this reply. I checked out the device manager and looked at the drives properties and it was listed as an SCSI through the device manager, anyway when I got into the properties there was nothing that related to a DMA function. I'm guessing that I am not going to find the DMA properties for my HDD in that praticular Properties menu. I'm going to look over the BIOS again.

    Thank you very much for helping.
  4. Riggs|Riggs

    Riggs|Riggs TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well, setting it to SCSI was the answer. I never would have thought that because I thought SCSI was different. I'll look it up. Right now I am about to try the TV.

    Nope still crashes. Now I will run the ATI AIW Configuration Wizard for setting my hardware to use the ATI TV built into the card. RUnning tests.....

    Everything checks out including DIrect X of course the only thing that won't is the DMA. It tells me that ATI tv cannot function without it. I want to save anything I record onto the IDE drive, I wonder if there is a way to use that praticular drive for the TV.

    Still though you said I should have DMA no questions asked on the SATA/SCSI. So this is really urking me. Once again I will check the BIOS.
    Checked the BIOS and didn't see anything for DMA in there. What should I be looking for in the BIOS since it might not be specifically labeled as DMA.

    I got to properties in the Deivce Manage for the SCSI/RAID Controller and nothing is there to change.
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