SATA Installation

By GaryHiggins
Jul 21, 2005
  1. Hi fella's
    Putting together some new workstations with the following configuration

    asus p4gpl-x mb
    p4 3.2 intel
    seagate 129mb sata
    lg dvd/cd
    combined card reader/floppy drive
    ati fire gl3100 pci-e graphics
    1gb ddr400 ram

    now, all fitted together fine, bios sees dvd as primary ide and the sata as primary third ide (??)
    install xp-prof but end up with the sata as drive "F"
    am i missing something by not utilising the "F6" function during the windows install and utilising the drivers that are win xp?


  2. GaryHiggins

    GaryHiggins TS Rookie Topic Starter

    OK, have sorted this out for anyone who experiences this, and it's simple, I think..........there's only 1 IDE connection on the motherboard and I'd plugged the DVD writer into the the top connector of the cable. Swapped it to the second (slave?) connection and reinstalled XP and hey presto, we have the technology.
    I think :grinthumb
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