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Apr 21, 2007
  1. ok so,
    im currently running a 120gig sata as a main and want to put in my 160gig IDE as a secondary drive. Im pretty sure i installed it correctly as its visible in my device manager but im not able to use it as its not listed as a drive in "My Computer" :p. Also, im not seeing any options listed in my BIOS to set it as a slave. I know ive probably missed simple steps but if any1 can help id really appreciate it.
  2. SNGX1275

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    You don't set sata drives to master or slave which is a huge step above IDE drives. Apparently people don't know this yet because often times they are asking how to set sata as master or slave.

    If the 160 is brand new, it won't have any partitions set up, which means it won't show up in my computer, you'll have to partition it through device manager. Usually XP is smart enough to detect that and prompt you for setting up partitions right after Windows loads. Since yours didn't do that and your title says IDE Slave, I'm going to guess you screwed up and put the jumpers on the IDE drive as Slave. Remove the drive and put it as Master.

    Your BIOS determines what drive it boots from. ALWAYS when you have 1 drive on the IDE ribbon you set that drive to Master (unless you are using that cable select crap - nobody should use that, ever).
  3. Daemon6

    Daemon6 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok ill try that thanks :D

    ok so, i set the jumper to master and started it up and still havent had any luck getting it to work. i initially had it plugged in with the secondary plug then switched it to the primary plug but still no luck

    btw, the drive is new and hasnt been partitioned but, as i said before :p, its showing up that its there. if there's any other info you need lemme know :s
  4. SNGX1275

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    Check the device manager. If the BIOS can see it then Device Manager should. You are able to get into Windows right?
  5. zipperman

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    Wait a minute

    This isn't a Sata partitioning ? But it's the best way to use it
    I did much the same with my 20 amd 40 gb IDE's
    Remove all but the Sata and install the OS.I have a 160 partitioned in 3.
    Sata cables only have 1 cable connection.1 is Master and 1 is slave.
    Install your OS,
    Then connect your IDE's with the Master slave connections.
    But set the jumpers to match.Seems to be what you overlooked.
    They should be listed in My computer to use or copy to your Sata like i did.
    C = XP D = Music and E = Pictures and misc data.
    THen i removed them as backup storage.Everything was now on my 160/3
    Sataii.Roms where then F and G.
    Device manager will set the drive letters,but they can be changed.
  6. StillLearning

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    This might help, I have a 80gig SATA as a primary and a 200 gig IDE Drive as extra storage or secondary drive. You probably just need to format the drive - provided of course that you can see it in Disk Management. My D drive is listed as my 200 GIG IDE and DISK 0 - while my C Drive is listed as Disk 1 - even though it is my boot drive. Hope this helped.
  7. SNGX1275

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    zipperman - He's already got the OS on the SATA drive, so no need to go reinstalling windows only to get the same 'problem' he's having now.
  8. Daemon6

    Daemon6 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok so, im still unable to get it to work.
    heres my situation, ive tried various cable hook ups and jumper settings and all with the same outcome. I can load windows fine and when i go to device manager i can see the drive but the only option it gives me is to enable/disable it. ive gone into disk management and i can even see it there but im not given any option to format or do anything with it except open, explore, and changing letter and drive paths. heres where it gets weird, i tried both explore and open and it opened the cd that was in my cd drive. i then tried changing the path and my cd drive didnt work until i rebooted. so pretty much i can see the hd (apparently) but no matter what settings i change it stays the same unless i remove it :s i was thinking of trying to put it on my other com and partition it with my other windows disk, would that make a difference do you think?

    btw, im not willing to format my (main) drive :p i have a lot of stuff i want to keep which is why i want to add the second drive
  9. StillLearning

    StillLearning TS Rookie

    Earlier I was referring to formatting the IDE Drive and not the SATA Drive.
    I "don't" think windows is seeing the drive in Disk Management - as the options that you describe are the ones I get when I right click on my CD ROM Drive. There are options in some BIOS's for changing the IDE optioins. You might wish to look under some of the advanced options. Also, your mainboard has a maximum of gigabytes that can be seen in you BIOS - many earlier ones stopped at 200 gig (Believe it or not) you might want to check with the manufacturers web page. Just a thought.....
  10. zipperman

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    Look again

    I said,
    Install your OS,
    Then connect your IDE's with the Master slave connections.
    The topic is about useing his IDE's after the Sata and OS is working.
    If they are connected and useing the right jumper setting,they should be readable.Mine where.
    I think this was well explained the first time.:knock:
  11. SNGX1275

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    He already has an OS on his SATA.
    Right on the first part, wrong on the 2nd. You even conflict yourself there. There is no master slave relationship on sata, the drive order is all bios controlled.
    Again, it is already installed. Why go screwing up a perfectly fine installation?
    Thats where we were at the beginning.
    3 partitions on SATA? what happened to your 20 and 40 gig IDE then? Are they now H and I or are they gone? Whatever you are describing isn't like the problem at hand.
    But they aren't, thats the whole point of this thread. It should be showing up, it isn't, hence the thread.

    Edit: I'll think about this some more, but in the meantime, this thread (while not directly the same issue) might be similar enough to give you some hints:
  12. raybay

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    Go to the Disk manager to see what is reported there. Start-> Control Panel-> Administrative Tools-> Computer Management -> Disk Management.
    Both drives should show up there. You can use those tools to label the drive. This location will show your drives, partions, labels, and whether the drives are healthy or not.
  13. zipperman

    zipperman TS Rookie Posts: 1,179   +7

    I know he has OS on Sata

    My master slave reference does not apply to his Sata.My asus describes them as SAT1 AND SATA2
    He wants to use the IDE as another hard drive.The only difference is that
    i just copied my 40 and 20 to the Sata1, 2nd and 3rd Sata partitions.
    But i had no problem reading the 40 and 20 IDE's.
    My main point is he can have the OS on a Sata and have IDE's for other
    data.Only difference is mine is now all on my Sata.
    They should be readable if connected properly.
    My music is a backup on my 20 gb and
    I gave my Son the 40 formaly my XP drive.
    Bottom Line is,
    You can have Sata and IDE's if your motherboard has connections,but
    do your Sata OS,then conect them properly.Theres also optical drives
    to connect so he must have 1 or 2 IDE connections.
    If he can't grasp this he should have a repair shop do it.
  14. SNGX1275

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    Thats the whole point of this thread. IT IS NOT being fully recognised despite being hooked up properly.
  15. nickc

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    zipperman, u, or he may have SATA cd or dvd I have a SATA dvd-rw in my computer, and it works great.
  16. Daemon6

    Daemon6 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    correct >>. i put my computer together from scratch so to speak and have never had hardware trouble that i couldnt find a solution for by surfing and/or posting in tech sites such as this. this situation is odd however and everything ive tried hasnt worked. im thinking its an incompatibility issue and from what ive read from my manufacturers site comfirms this :s something i admittedly overlooked when purchasing and attempting to install the hd. i have another pc that can use it though so its not a complete waste :p just less space than i was hoping for.

    ill refrain from my natural response to such a comment i will however say that ive nvr had to pay some1 else to repair/upgrade my computer....
  17. zipperman

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    Thats off topic

    I have a SATA hard drive.Burners are just starting to arrive.
    And very expensive.I think SATA is just a way to sell what seems better.
    7200 is 7200 Sata or IDE.
    There is no other SATA hardware that i know of.
    The problem posted is about useing a Sata and an IDE hard drive.
    The answer is YES.
    I explained this quite well and
    am unsubscribeing from this topic.
  18. Samstoned

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    WOW hope yer not to confused
    you will not find master /slave in the bios
    just a boot priority order
    I can't tell anymore ,but if you have this listed in device without a drive letter give it one
    if it has one and it is not accessable
    see if on right click you have option for properties and there take possession of may need to install 3rd party disk manager to solve this
    or find a way to remove data to another system (IDE) then reformat drive
    I note this is not a boot issue with the sata bios config so I would leave the bios boot priority alone

    good luck
  19. eggyhustles

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    Sata main drive ide slave

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