SATA problem

By StuntTruck
Mar 6, 2005
  1. SATA / IDE Channel problem

    I have just installed a new SATA 200 gig drive, partitioned in fdisk and formatted and working (i can use it) but the thing is in device manager it has 2 " ! " on 2 IDE channels and it says the driver is not installed for the device.

    when i boot it says found new hardware blah blah blah. and error accured during installation this divice is not ment for this platform or something.

    so it saying there is no driver installed and me partitioning in fdisk and now being able to use it seems strange. before i fdisk it would not detect my sata drive either.

    so my problem is everytime i boot it thinks it has found this new hardware and i have everything i can from my motherboard cd and everything i can think would have anything to do with fixing this problem such as raid drivers or something like that. but still tries to install new hardware. if you could help me out with what driver it thinks i need or any help or at all would be much loved.

    1 60 gig hard on the primary ide
    1 dvd rom and cd burner on the sencodary ide
    1 200gig S-ata drive on 1 sata port
    motherboard - GA-8IPE1000 Pro
    windows xp
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