SATA problem

By eve3day
May 16, 2006
  1. Just get my system setup.
    When I am about to install windows xp, I found that my SATA HD was set as IDE slave drive? And I couldn't even install windows coz system can not detect HD.
    I have already set ONCHIP SATA MODE to Auto. How can I set SATA drive to Master?

    ALSO, my DVD-ROM runs extremely slow when I about to install windows. I tested other two DVD-ROM. They all run very slow. WHY???

    MOBO: G1 Turbo intel 975
    HD: Seagate 9 160G SATA.
  2. boykov

    boykov TS Booster Posts: 74

    does your SATA come with driver diskette/disc... if it does you must install the drivers...

    when you start installing win XP (blue screen checking system.. etc) .... then it asks (if you wish to install 3d party drivers...) "well something like that" press F6
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